5 Signs Your Relationship Is Heading Towards a Dead End

Here you are, sitting in a living room, watching new series together, feeling cozy as hell hand in hand with your partner. There you are, dining out, smiling at each other, drinking wine and having the time of your life.

And minutes later this thought comes out of the blue: this relationship is going nowhere. Why did it happen? Life gave no reason to expect such a drastic change of ways. But then you start to contemplate and remember all the things that happened lately. Was it obvious? Maybe you just didn’t want to recognize the issue or maybe you falling in love too fast. Let’s discuss the signs of a downgrade in your relationship.

  1. No future together. Aside from casual sex encounters, when people get together, they plan on making it serious (which includes various concepts of relationships, of course). And it actually makes sense since you would eventually get bored and tired of dating and want to settle down. If you can imagine waking up next to your current partner till the end of your days – it’s working and your romance is up to success. But if your mutual future seams endlessly meaningless or just impossible – well, you know where it heads to.
  2. Sex is nowhere to be found. In a relationship, every part of it exists in a symbiosis with other constituents, which means that by affecting one of the layers – you also affect all the others. When your sexual life with your partner dries out (aside from cases related to health issues), it indicates that something isn’t working well enough. On the other hand, the absence of sex will also affect your everyday life, your couple’s routine, if you will.
  3. Searching again. Clearly enough, when you love someone, you don’t pay attention to other potential dates (but remember that it’s okay to look at other guys and girls!). When you catch yourself not just attracted to someone’s nice facial features but actually thinking you would make a good couple with that someone, your current relationship must be at a state of decay at this point.
  4. Communication issues. A healthy relationship is never intrinsically strong. What makes it work is your constant investments, be it basic romantic gestures or a profound psychological therapy. Anyway, when communication troubles arise, loving partners work through them, compromising and finding common ground. And when you don’t feel like changing anything to build your relationship stronger, the end is truly inevitable.
  5. It’s boring. Nonetheless, the most noticeable and undeniable sign of a dying love is boredom. At some point, you just realize that listening to your partner or spending time together is no longer fun but rather a tiresome burden. Why does this happen? Maybe there wasn’t love at all but nothing more than excitement and momentary curiosity. Maybe the time has shown to you that he or she is quite shallow and there’s not much to fight for. Or maybe you just chose the wrong person hoping you would be able to change something to make it work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t often happen.